“No More Perfect Moms is a mom “must have” book! The pursuit of perfection is a thief of joy and Jill Savage offers the authentic antidote moms need to battle that lie. Perfect doesn’t exist, and thanks to Jill I am blessed to be one step closer to breaking free from that trap!”
-Tracey Eyster, author Be The Mom and Founder MomLifeToday.com

“This is the first book I’ve read of Jill’s, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. When I sat down to the read the book each time, I felt like I was talking with a friend who knew exactly what I was feeling and thinking, and she was telling me “It’s okay. You’re normal!” No More Perfect Moms made me laugh out loud at some points (I actually wrote LOL in the margins several times), and it also touched my heart in other places. Reading the book made me realize that I’m not the only one who struggles with daily challenges of comparing myself to my friends and their lives, kids, marriages, and homes. I will take away many lessons and new words of wisdom from Jill’s book that will help me in my daily life of being an imperfect mom!”

“This insightful and thoughtfully written book filled my heart with hope! Jill equips us with the understanding and tools to break the bonds of the “Perfection Infection.” Through Scripture, wisdom and wit the myths of perfectionism are unraveled. The beautiful reality found is the liberating freedom in God alone. Jill shows us we are never alone. God is with us and for us and we are intricately woven together as mothers by His glorious grace.”

“Dance! Spin around with joy! Jill Savage provides the antidote to the perfection infection so that moms everywhere can parent their children free from impossible expectations. You’ll treasure Jill’s warmth and honesty as she shares personally from her own imperfect world. Join the mom movement gathering momentum around the country to ban the word `perfection’ from the parenting dictionary.”
-Lorraine Pintus, international speaker, writing coach, and author of Jump Off the Hormone Swing

“As I read No More Perfect Moms a weight lifted from my weary shoulders. I’ve been doing this mom thing for 24 years–yet once again I’m a mom to a toddler–and I still wish I could be “more perfect on so many levels. With encouraging, gentle words Jill Savage lowered the “noise” of the worry, guilt and expectations, allowing me to tune into my Savior’s whispers. “I love you. I have a good plan for you and your kids. I’m here.”
-Tricia Goyer, best-selling author of 35 books, including Lead Your Family Like Jesus, co-written with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

“Just reading the table of contents of Jill’s book made my shoulders relax! She gives me permission to be exactly who I am…an imperfect woman, wife and mom perfectly accepted by God. This is a timely message that goes straight to the need of a woman’s heart. Jill’s message will help free the woman bound by perfectionism while at the same time prevent young women from catching the perfection infection!”
-Jennifer Rothschild Author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark, Me, Myself and Lies and Missing Pieces Founder Fresh Grounded Faith Conferences and WomensMinistry.net

No More Perfect Moms is a must read survival manual for Moms of all ages. Jill Savage talks straight about how an imaginary mom with a clean house, ideal husband, model kids and no problems or struggles doesn’t really exist. Jill transparently shares practical tips on how to respond right to difficult situations and how to make your home a Christ honoring haven for your family!”
-Michelle Duggar, Mother of 19 Kids & Counting

“Imperfect moms: Unite! For every mother who forgot to pick their son up after soccer practice, made a lunch out of cheese sticks and pudding packs, or did drive thru five nights in a row for dinner, you have found a friend. With warmth, grace, and been-been-there-blew-that parenting stories, Jill Savage leads all of us imperfect moms into the loving space of our perfect God. So put aside you unfinished baby albums and pick up this book. You’ll be relieved to know that there is hope for all of us less than perfect parents.”
Kathi Lipp Speaker and Author of The Husband Project, The Get Yourself Organized Project, and Praying God’s Word for Your Husband

“Every day at Focus on the Family we hear from moms who love what they’re doing, and yet they’re burned out. Jill Savage understands that frustration because she’s been there. I wish every mom could read No More Perfect Moms—it’s a book full of wisdom, humor and grace.”
-Jim Daly – President, Focus on the Family

“Dear Reader, before opening the pages of this “best ever” book from Jill Savage, you must ask yourself if you are ready to get up close and personal with who you are as a mom, wife, sister, woman and daughter! This book will scrub you like a wonderful sugar scrub! Jill’s writing is REAL and has no room for masks as she encourages and challenges you to be all that you are created to be in each of your uniquely, amazing roles!”
-Yvette Maher, Associate Pastor New Life Church

“Wow. This book should be handed to every mother along with her first child! As a seasoned mom, I found myself in every chapter, wondering if Jill had literally been hiding in my pantry and taking notes! From start to finish, Jill Savage’s No More Perfect Moms is timely, practical, and the perfect prescription for every mom who struggles with feeling “less than”. Jill’s insight into the disease of Perfection Infection is something every mom needs to hear. Her personal examples are humbling, and her empathy is palpable, as she bravely and compassionately points the way to grace. I long to live in a world where we as moms embrace one another “as is”, yet strive to help one another be everything God has called us and our families to be. I thought I was a pretty “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” mom, but No More Perfect Moms has challenged me to new levels of authenticity. Thank you Jill, for giving us moms permission to be a work in progress.”
-Sally Baucke, speaker, comedienne, funnygalsal.com

“For so many years moms have been led to believe that in order to do a good job raising their children, they needed to be perfect. Our expectations are unrealistic, our inspiration tends to deflate and our confidence sinks with disappointment. Debunk the myth once and for all! In Jill Savage’s book, “No More Perfect Moms,” she brings an authentic and genuine spirit to the mom who continues to “compare her insides to someone else’s outside.” My favorite line says it all, “While we’re pursuing perfection, we’re missing out on the most precious parts of life.” I can hardly wait to share this incredible resource with moms in my community who struggle with comparison, fear and depression and help them develop the confidence readily available when they embrace the notion that it is really okay to NOT be a perfect mom.”
-Susan Heid www.theconfidentmom.com

No More Perfect Moms is just what today’s mom and wife needs! I wasn’t sure that this book would speak to me; I don’t tend to be obsessed with what others are doing or to worry about “keeping up with the Jonses”, yet I found so much encouragement and hope in these pages. I was reminded that my true worth is in Christ and my work is for Him, not for human approval or outward measures of success. I’m glad that I took the time to read it, and I think you will be too!”

“Jill is a wonderful author, and reading one of her books is like chatting on the phone with a close girlfriend. In No More Perfect Moms, with humor and humility, Jill shares her real-life imperfections and experiences as a mother of five. No More Perfect Moms helped me to realize that I can be the best mom for my kids without worrying about being the “perfect” mom. I was so excited to read this book, and I know you will be, too?”

“In her book No More Perfect Moms, Jill speaks honestly about the pressures we face when society tells us we should have perfect kids, homes, lifestyles and marriages. Even with being an empty nester, this book challenged me to look at my pride, fears and anxieties in my role as wife and mother. The best part about this book is that Jill very practically gives antidotes to help all of us address these societal pressures and become the woman God wants us to be.”

“As the mother of three grown daughters, the world of comparison, perfection and competition has been a topic of conversation in my home for many years. I only wish that Jill had come along years ago to simplify the message like she does in No More Perfect Moms when she writes, “Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.” Jill’s honesty and vulnerability in this book is both refreshing and freeing, and I appreciate her challenge for women to “make peace with our real life” rather than striving for perfection. I’m excited to see what a perfect God will do through Jill’s message to imperfect moms who just might be ready to replace judgment with grace. This could be a great new normal in our homes, in our friendships, in the church!”

“This insightful and thoughtfully written book filled my heart with hope! Jill equips us with the understanding and tools to break the bonds of the “Perfection Infection.” Through Scripture, wisdom and wit the myths of perfectionism are unraveled. The beautiful reality found is the liberating freedom in God alone. Jill shows us we are never alone. God is with us and for us and we are intricately woven together as mothers by His glorious grace.”