“Three words describe this book: convicting. enlightening. transforming.”

No More Perfect Kids is allowing me to take a step back and look at my children from a new perspective. With four children, it can be hard to treat them as an individual and not compare one to the other.”

“I feel like the tools from No More Perfect Kids are helping me see my children more as unique individuals. No more “parenting the herd”!”

“I’m so encouraged by No More Perfect Kids. In a world of comparisons, I can now more clearly see my kids for who God created them to be, instead of what I aspire them to be.”

“I know No More Perfect Kids is written for us as parents and our relationship with our kids, but I’m learning so much about my relationship with my parents and why there are things between us now.”
-Leah, mom of 4

“As I am reading No More Perfect Kids, I’m finding that I’m breaking. Breaking IN A GOOD way. I can see walls of bondage breaking. I can see scars and wounds that hold me back begin to heal as they are presented with truth. My eyes are opening to how my own need for perfection from a dysfunctional childhood has trickled down to my children DESPITE every part of me wanting to avoid that. I call myself a recovering perfectionist—because it’s still a day to day battle (just like any addiction). As a homeschool mom, I value that difference in how each of my children learn. By trial and error, I find what works and when it stops working I make the necessary changes. No More Perfect Kids has opened my eyes to how I’ve not been applying those same principles to my expectations in areas outside of their education. I see more and more of the cycle of dysfunction being broken and my children growing up to be healthy and whole and am so thankful for tools such as this NEEDED book. Thank you, Jill and Dr. Kathy, for tackling such a big project and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your writings. Those takeaways are just from the first two chapters! I may only be on Chapter 2, but my seatbelt is on and am holding on tight to see what else you are ready to teach me.”
-Tracye, mom of 3